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When asked to describe Thai food one usually says it’s “hot and spicy”.

In truth, a Thai dish is a fusion of all the flavors, also infused with many herbs (such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and coriander root) and spices to achieve a fantastic taste.

A meal normally consists of many different dishes in different types and flavors chosen to compliment each other, with rice on the side. First timers can find our menu overwhelming so don’t hesitate to get advice from our staff!


In Thailand dishes are shared, so take your time and try all the dishes. Just relax while eating, enjoying the conversation and the company is the way all Thai meals should be had.

Since all the meats in Thai dishes are diced, only spoon and fork are used. Also as chopsticks are a Chinese import, it is only used when enjoying noodle dishes.

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Thai Food

You can learn more about our restaurants, where they are located and how to contact them by choosing from the menu below. We welcome bookings for parties of all sizes.

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Thai Food

The Thai Group has become the fastest growing group of authentic, award winning Thai restaurants in Britain, with many successful venues stretching from Birmingham to London.

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